Here is a video of my session with Keely.  (The original was 23 minutes - I cut it down to just over 8 minutes so that you could see the progression in her process - I took out some of my comments on what I was doing, as well as times when she was breathing the essential oils into her memories).

Her intention was to be more confident doing "care calls" for her team.  She had been feeling resistant to doing them even though she knew they were important.  

I follow the 12-step AFT protocol and guide her through each of the steps.

We pick up near the beginning of the session when she is stating her intention:


Here is a video replay of a full class I did for Amanda Friedl's group - it includes an explanation of AFT and how to use it to grow your Young Living business.  You can use your own Young Living oils and follow along with the clearing.  Or, if you need oils, contact Elaine Perkus at 607-725-7785 and she will help you get started!


Amanda Friedl Zoom 7-24-17 from Benjamin Perkus on Vimeo.