AFT Level 1 Certification Program - Taught by Dr. Perkus
AFT Level 1 Certification Program - Taught by Dr. Perkus

AFT Level 1 Certification Program - Taught by Dr. Perkus

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(For more pricing options or if you need oils, contact Elaine Perkus directly at 607-725-7785.)

Program Includes:

  • For online classes, you will meet for eight (90 Minute) Online live weekly training and practice sessions led by Dr. Perkus and faculty of the Aroma Freedom Academy.
    • NOTE: All classes are recorded so if you miss a week you can easily watch it later.
  • For in-person classes, you will meet for 1-2 days in-person (depending on the class) and then have follow-up classes online to make sure you are integrating the practice.
  • Student Practitioner Manual (mailed to you upon registration).
  • Access to course recordings as well as bonus webinars, including:
    • How to Deepen Your Intuition with AFT
    • Using AFT to Grow Your Young Living Business
    • AFT for Mental Health Professionals
    • AFT for Relationships
  • Messaging and Email support from Dr. Perkus or Certified Students
  • 12 weeks of Online Mentoring by Assistant Instructors
  • In-Depth training on the background and theory behind the Aroma Freedom Technique
  • Live demonstrations of AFT led by Dr. Perkus and Student Instructors
  • Live practice time with feedback by other students and Dr. Perkus
  • An opportunity to clear out emotional issues that interfere with being an effective practitioner
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Instruction on how to grow your essential oils business using AFT
  • Support on growing your client base with AFT
  • Weekly support for staying on track with manifesting your intentions

Benefits of becoming certified in Aroma Freedom Technique also include:

  • Certificate of Completion (Suitable for Framing)
  • Listing on AFT website as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Ability to market yourself as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Confidence in your ability to lead yourself or others through the Aroma Freedom Technique Process

Requirements for becoming certified:

  • Attendance at online or recorded training classes
  • Participation in practice groups (note - you must attend at least 4 live meetings - either live classes or practice groups)
  • Submission of 6 AFT session tracking forms (5 on others and 1 on self)
  • Submission of video demonstration of performing an AFT session with someone
  • Submission of essay on your AFT journey
  • Any additional requirements that Dr. Perkus may decide to be necessary to ensure competence